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~Your Path Into Optimal Health~

  • you find relief from pain
  • all your tension slips away
  • you leave your stress behind

Enjoy Your Calm Oasis from the busy storm of life. When we take time to relax, to care for ourselves it gives our body, mind, and soul the opportunity to recharge. It is a matter of creating the right environment so that healing can occur.

Gentle techniques are used to help the body's muscles and fascia let go of tension. Releasing tension allows increased circulation and nerve supply, improving health of the tissues and ultimately health of the body.

Subtle changes are effectively and easily assimilated by our body. This is true because our body is a sophisticated and finely tuned organism. It is continually working to maintain a constant internal environment. If something upsets that balance beyond the body's ability to restore equilibrium, we experience discomfort or dis-ease. If we view this dis-ease as a wonderful feedback system alerting us that the body is out of balance or alignment, we can take steps to bring us back into alignment or balance. Perhaps it is a matter of getting more sleep, drinking more water, taking time for fresh air and exercise, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy all have something to offer in restoring balance to the body.